Professional training

 Dott. Erri Cippini professional career.

- Graduated with 110 e Lode (i.e. "full marks and honour") in December 1981 at the Universityof Milano (matr.n. 142139).

- Has attended the Tirocinio Pratico Ospedaliero (Hospital Medical Internship) (according to art.9 and others of Italian Law 18/4/1975  n° 148, and according to D.M. 28/10/1975) in "Obstetrics and Gynecology" since 3 Jan 1983 to 3 July 1983, at the University General Hospital ("Spedali Civili") in Brescia, with the award of "Ottimo" (the Best).

- Has attended the 3rd Cattedra di Clinica Ostetrica e Ginecologica della Università degli Studi di Milano, (before Graduation), in yrs. 1979/80 and 1980/81 as an Intern Medical Student, and then (after Graduation) since 21/12/1981 to 20/12/1982 as an Intern Medical Doctor, before entering the Residency (Scuola di Specializzazione) for four years in Ob/Gyn (his first Residency).

- At the end of the (first) Residency (Scuola di Specializzazione), has attended since 1° Nov. 1986 to 30 Apr.1987, and again since 1° July 1988 to 2 Jan.1989, as Volunteer Medical Doctor for up-to-date, the 1st Department of Ob/Gyn at University General Hospital of Brescia.

- Has worked since 11 July 1987 to 30 September 1987, and again since 21 Dec. 1987 to 25 Apr. 1988, at the Ob/Gyn Dept. of the Regional Hospital of Montichiari (BS), having awarded the 1st position.

- In 1990 has passed the american medical examination (FMGEMS “Foreign Medical Graduate Examination in Medical Sciences” , ruled by ECFMG “Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates” of U.S.A.).

- He has left the named Ob/Gyn Dept at the University General Hospital after ten years of Internship, having not obtained the goal of career which he aimed to. 

Having always been interested in reconstructive surgery of the female genital tract after oncological (cancer) demolition, he entered the Resident Matching Program of U.S.A. to join a Plastic Surgery Program, being classified in good position in US NAVY hospital at Portsmouth. The birth of a daughter in 1989 (first child is a boy born in 1987) suggested him to stay at home..

- Since 1991 has attended a four years program in Aesthetic/Antiaging Medicine at the  Scuola di Medicina Estetica of the Fondazione Internazionale Fatebenefratelli in Rome.

- Has begun to practice Aesthetic/Antiaging Medicine since 1992.

- Has attended in 1993, for one year duration, the CERCHE  (Collège d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Chirurgie Esthétique) in Paris (Montreuil).

- Since 1993, until 2001, has travelled abroad a lot (Brasil, France, Spain, Great Britain) to learn from outstanding experts different surgical techniques and surgical options for different specific clinical situations.

- In 2000 yr. has attended and completed the Master in Aesthetic Morphodinamic Surgery at the University of Milano, one year (500 hours) long.

- In 2001 has entered the five years Residency program in Plastic Surgery (his second Residency)  at the Scuola di Specializzazione in Chirurgia Plastica e Ricostruttiva dell’Università di Milano.

- During Plastic Surgery Residency has attended, for up-to-date training, the Maxillo-Facial Surgery Dept. ruled by Prof.Brusati (Ospedale S.Paolo, Milano)  and the one ruled by Prof.Bozzetti (Ospedale S.Gerardo, Monza), gaining experience in reconstructive surgical techniques of facial soft tissues, and the OncoPlasty Sugery Dept. at I.E.O. (Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, European Institute of Oncology, in Milano, ruled by Prof.Veronesi), gaining experience in reconstructive surgical techniques after surgical demolition of breast area and female genitalia area. 

. Has completed the D.I.U. (Diplome Inter Universitaire: Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice) in « Chirurgie du Visage: de l’Anatomie aux Techniques de Chirurgie Reconstructrice et Esthétique » awarded at the Université de Bordeaux under the rule of Prof. Philippe Caix.

- "Full registered" as Plastic Surgeon at General Medical Council of Great Britain (GMC reference number 7031966).

- Has completed the Master Universitario (2nd level) in « Breast Oncoplasty and Integrated Treatments » at the University of  Genova (this University Master is ruled by:  Cancer Institute of  Genova, Cancer Institute of Milano and Cancer Institute of Roma).

- He is "fully certified" for Medical Degree and for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at the Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation (MEBEKO office).

- He has also attended , sent by Università di Milano, one year residential period (Fellowship) fully dedicated to Cosmetic Surgery at Teknon Clinic in Barcelona (Spain) under the rule of dr. JosèMaria Palacin.


- Professor (annual teaching contract) at the University of Brescia, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, for the Course Degree in Medical Biotechnology, as Chief in charge of the teaching “Plastic Surgery” since Acad.Year 2006/2007  to Acad.Year 2010/2011 . 


- Private practice (professional man) since 1993 as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon for Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery and also for anti-ageing and Aesthetic Medicine, with private consulting office in Brescia.

- Referee (one of twenty in Italy) of an European Risk Management Plan on botulinum toxin.

- Referee of a Swiss stem cell factory for adult mesenchymal stem cell’s tissue regeneration.

- Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Emergency Dept. at  “Oglio Po’ Hospital”  (Casalmaggiore – Cremona).

- Consultant Plastic Surgeon (locum position) at HCL Doctors, UK. 


HCL Doctors is a United Kingdom settled Recruiting Agency for Health Professionals. I am very proud to work with them, having had the opportunity to check on myself how deep is their control and evaluation of CV and skills of every candidate, which also allow them to schedule the best working positions for every one of us (Doctors and other Health Professionals).

As a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in locum position (which means available for vacancies on my Specialization as a Reconstructive Surgeon at different hospitals), I also keep on working in Italy on my own at my previous job and with my usual patients in my office, being allowed to schedule my duties in UK in the best way.

- Of course, I also maintain my working collaborations abroad with Switzerland for mesenchimal adult stem cells therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, and with other countries for mainly antiaging medicine and antiaging therapy both as a visiting doctor over there or, in many cases, as a host for those who prefer to travel to Brescia in Italy, where my office is located.

- Recently I have been accepted as an active member of ISAPS (International Sociey of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), a very selective Association like AICPE  and SICPRE.  



Everyone can see that (even if I am working as Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, having completed also a Residency in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery) I have got, and as the first one, the Specialization in Ob-Gyn.

For  this (first) Specialization, after having attended two years of Student Internship at the OB.Gyn.Dept of the General Hospital of Brescia before the Degree, I had also one year of Medical Internship (after 1981 Medical Qualification  Degree and before entering the Ob-Gyn Residency program) and finally  four years of a complete Residency training program., in the same hospital

Then, I also worked for six years in the same Ob-Gyn Dept at the General Hospital of the University of Brescia (free of salary, because that was the rule!) until December 19, 1990.

In that period, more than ten years, I passed the American Medical examination (ECFMG certification) and entered in NRMP (National Resident Matching program) for USA,  but the birth of my second child (a daughter) suggested me to remain at home.

In that same period, I had my earnings by working as “Emergency Doctors for house calls, mainly on night duty call” (since 01.10.1982 to 30.06.1985) and then as a partner of a General Practitioner since January 1991 to 30.11.2001: those earnings allowed me to pay myself for the first Residency (Ob.Gyn. ended in 1986) and for Courses abroad (being always interested in Reconstructive Surgery, first of female genitalia, I became aware of  my future in Plastic Surgery after 1991) and also for, little by little, the purchase of instruments and surgical tools I am using now in my work.

During 1991 (mainly after 1993, i.e. during the last years at the Aesthetic Medicine School at “Fatebenefratelli Foundation” in Rome, attended since 1992 to 1995) and until 2001,  I worked both for earning a living and for improving my experience and practice.

After 2001,  I worked only as a Plastic Surgeon and professional man.


Having (until 19 Dec 1990) mostly attended the Gynecological Oncological Guard of the Ob.Gyn.Dept of Brescia in which reconstructive surgical procedures were daily performed, and having been the assistant of the Plastic Surgeon who performed repair after radical vulvectomy and flap transposition after major oncological demolition of female genitalia, when I passed at private practice in 1991 it was simply for me to start a Plastic Surgery activity.

Moreover, It wouldn’t seem strange that I attended the Residency in Plastic Surgery (my second Residency)  only after my forty-five years of age, starting in 2001 yr., because one fellow of mine (of my same age and certified with me as Plastic Surgeon after the same Residency, only to make an example) has previously got another Residency in Surgical Oncology: the reason is that we both wanted to enter in the “right family” and to be fully certified, first of all because in Italy the Residency is not requested for working as a surgeon and, second, because of the presence of  a so large number of “spurious” “plastic surgeons” in Italy.

I would proudly underline that at forty-five years of age, after previous ten years of internship in Ob.Gyn and other ten years of professional man in the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, I stopped (in 2001) my private practice to attend a complete five-year residency program in Plastic Surgery, only to become fully certified.

This (i.e. the experience I got) is also the reason for having been appointed (with an annual teaching contract which lasted from Acad.Yr. 2006/2007 to Acad.Yr. 2010/2011, i.e. since the early beginning of the Course to the final end of it for rescheduled teachings according to the Italian University politics) “Professor of Plastic Surgery” at the University of Brescia, and Chief in charge of the teaching of Plastic Surgery for the Course Degree of Medical Biotechnology at the Faculty of Medicine.

Now, and since 2006 yr., I have also returned to private practice.


Other issues in my CV (the french D.I.U., the italian Masters in Aesthetic and Morphodinamic Surgery and in Breast Oncoplasty, the spanish Fellowship, the GMC registration for UK and the FMH registration for Switzerland) are mentioned only for explaining a so troublesome way of living a life as a surgeon, for improving surgical skills, and asking for nothing else than getting a complete ability in the field.

To learn from important leading surgeons in the world I have travelled a lot, being aware (as I was taught) that even a monkey could learn a surgical technique but that it’s not the key of our job: the main characteristic of a good Plastic Surgeon being the awareness of the “indication” (i.e. what is better for a specific patient) and the second one is the knowledge  of the “option” (i.e. being able to perform the same operation in different ways in different patients owing to the specific indication: ….as it is a monkey-business saying that a surgeon performs a same operation in different patients in the same way…..because a nose in a person is different from a nose in another one, and that a rhytidectomy in a round face is different from a rhytidectomy in a sharp-shaped face).

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are different, only to make an example, from Cardiac Surgery and/or Neurosurgery. In the latter ones a good surgeon must perform always similar operations in always similar parts of the body, while a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon must take care of the whole body (not only a part of  it) and the bodies of different persons are obviously different one another. For it, I felt the need of travelling to see other surgeons’ work, as  young students did in the Middle Age or young painters did in the Italian Renaissance period.

About this, You could find overhere a list of the Hospital I attended, mainly in the period since 1991 (the end of the ten year period in Oncology Gynecology Guard, free of salary)  to 2001 (when I  entered the second residency, that’s in Plastic Surgery) and again, then, since 2006 (the conclusion of the Residency) until now.


I wish also underline the availability of many “decision trees” and “surgical plans” and “follow-up strategies” and “informed consents” (all made by myself during my years of activity, and constantly “in progress”) to manage clinical situations and treat patients, in order to have always safe managing rules and not to have any problem. 

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