Curriculum Vitae

Erri CIPPINI, M D (ECFMG GMC FMH certified)


Born in Brescia (Italy) on December 11,1955.

Member (n° 3588) of the Association of Medical Doctors and Surgeons of the Province of Brescia

Professional and mailing address (personal office) :

via Spalto San Marco n°1/A – c.a.p.(postal code): 25121 - Brescia

Telephone (and FAX) number of personal office: 0039.030.3758502, Mobile: 0039.335.6861682

web-site: e-mail

DEGREE – RESIDENCY (residencies) – FELLOWSHIP and Career Certifications

- Medical Qualification (DEGREE) at the University of Milano (110/110 cum Laude, i.e. “full marks and honours”): December 18,1981

- License to Practise Medicine (Italian State Examination): Perugia, April 1982

- American Medical Examination (ECFMG certification): July 1990

- Full registered with Specialist Registration as Consultant Plastic Surgeon (General Medical Council – UK) (GMC reference number 7031966): since 10 Febr.2009

- Full registration of Medical Degree and Plastic Surgery (reconstr. and aesthetic) Residency at Public Health Federal Bureau of Helvetic Confederation (Switzerland: MEBEKO office) since 13 August 2009: it is FMH certification

- Residency in Obsterics and Gynecology (completed at the University of Milano)

- Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (completed at the University of Milano) (according to New Dispositions EEC)

- Fellowship in Plastic Surgery specifically Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Teknon

Clinic in Barcelona (Spain)

- Master in «Aesthetic and Morphodinamic Surgery »at University of Milano – it is an Academic Title

- D.I.U. (Diplome Inter Universitaire, i.e.« French Master » developed among the Universities of Bordeaux, Marseille and Nice) « Chirurgie du Visage: de l’Anatomie aux Techniques de Chirurgie Reconstructrice etEsthétique », granted by the Université Bordeaux 2 – it is an Academic Title

- Master (II° level master) in «Breast Oncoplasty and Integrated Treatments» (developed among the National Cancer Institutes of Milan, Geneva and Rome for a 1500 hours course), granted by the University of Geneva – it is an Academic Title

- Graduated at the International School of Aesthetic Medicine of the International Foundation “Fatebenefratelli” in Rome. (Acad.Yrs. 1992/1995, for 4 years of duration): it means to have got a recognized “Diploma of Formation in Aesthetic Medicine”.


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