My experience in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

If  Marcus Aurelius words "EVERYONE IS WHAT HE HAS BEEN SEARCHING FOR” are true, then this presentation of 368 slides (divided into four parts) will be useful to understand my life as a plastic surgeon.
The four parts are so distinct:
1) Slide 1 to 84: here I explain who I am and I expose my studies (my CV); here there are also a list of the scientific societies of which I am an active member; I underline the guidelines I follow from SICPRE-AICPE, GMC, ACOG; there is an explanation of Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Surgery with their scientific bases and their modern uses,  and also is reported the world's first case of decubitus wound (bedsore) healed with homologous exosomes.
2) from 85 to 197 slides: here You can find what I run into my office as Aesthetic Medicine (my study of Brescia is certified according to the latest norms of the Italian Law), and in the operating room as Cosmetic Surgery; also the rules about the surgeon who is allowed to perform certain procedures and certain interventions; and an explanation of the difference between the “bulk” of training hours of a true plastic surgeon who is certified after a Residency training and those of a non-specialist practitioner; there are also examples of medical aesthetic procedures I perform.
3) slides 198 to 322: here there is an exposition of the cosmetic surgery that I perform, including gynecological procedures; also a presentation of some "disasters" that have arrived to my observation and to which I have tried (where possible) to get over and to solve (even if the better prevention would have been to go for consultation and surgery to a certified plastic surgeon) – It would be necessary that we stop talking malpractice "just to say malpractice”, and that real mistakes should be singled out and recognized and compared to all the other eventualities that may just "happen" because such is life, and unfortunately, because Medicine is not an exact science and Surgery (for example, capsular contracture in breast augmentation, and wound healing) must always be based on individual and "different from person to person" tissue response –  at the end of this third section, there are some issues of "Gynecological" aesthetic medicine with the example of carboxytherapy , although "Gynecological" aesthetic medicine also includes the use of adipose tissue with mesenchymal stem cells, or hyaluronic acid, and more.
4) slides from 323 to 368: this is the final part with the last achieved professional results; the comments of my former professor and “magister vitae”; last slides are on my family and the code of honour I was taught.
Also, a bit here and a bit there, You can see some references to my presentations at Congresses even abroad, and some of my articles published in the international press, and also my English translation of a book on a technique invented by a dear friend of mine which has already won many awards. Also, the reference to an European study realized four years ago on the "botulinum toxin" made by Galderma-Azzalure which appointed me, as a referee, among the most exclusive Italian ten participating doctors.

Surg&Med procedures