Dott. Erri Cippini

Cosmetic Surgeon

Consultant Specialist (Plast. Reconstr. Cosmetic Surgery)

Consultant Specialist (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

ECFMG GMC FMH certified

University Master in Cosmetic Morphodynamic Surgery

University Master in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the face

University Diploma in Aesthetic Antiaging Medicine

University Master in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery


Aesthetic Medicine and Antiaging Medicine together with Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery are nowadays a costant presence in magazines and media. Every days people can read of "breast augmentation" as mandatory  for many women, often for the real need to recover after breast feeding or for constitutional hypotrophy, but sometimes for a mistaken sense of self-esteem.

Liposuction (also said lipoplasty) and tummy-tuck are liked by both sexes, and are often indispensable to better shape the body contour.

Rhinoplasty (especially for male patients) and upper arm lift or thigh lift (mainly for female patients) are required with growing succes at present days, while refreshing and surgical improvement of female (and male) external genitalia are new and confirmed fields. Moreover, PRP and fat-derived adult mesenchymal stem cells play an important role in regenerative purposes and rejuvenating effects from face to neck and decolleté and breast, and from hands to abdomen and to genitalia too. Not to forget face-lift (rhytidectomy) today performed, where indicated, by new less-invasive techniques (mini-lift/mini-rhytidectomy).

I was taught by an outstanding famous plastic surgeon, who was my real "magister vitae", that even a monkey could learn a surgical technique but that it’s not the key of our job: the main characteristic of a good Plastic Surgeon being the awareness of the “indication” (i.e. what is better for a specific patient) and the second one is the knowledge  of the “option” (i.e. being able to perform the same operation in different ways in different patients owing to the specific indication: ….as it is really a “monkey-business” saying that a surgeon performs a same operation in different patients in the same way…..because a nose in a person is different from a nose in another one, and that a rhytidectomy in a round face is different from a rhytidectomy in a sharp-shaped face).

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are different, only to make an example, from Cardiac Surgery and/or Neurosurgery. In the latter ones a good surgeon must perform always similar operations in always similar parts of the body, while a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon must take care of the whole body (not only a part of  it) and the bodies of different persons are obviously different one another.   

In Cosmetic Surgery is therefore mandatory to introduce to the patient himself, and discuss, the clinical situation and related problems together with those that could arise: first to explain the expected result and, more important, not to make believe of miracles.


And what about Aesthetic Antiaging Medicine?

My career in Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine began (please, see my CV) in 1991 at the International School of Aesthetic (Antiaging) Medicine of the Fondazione Fatebenefratelli in Rome where I  was certified, after a four yrs course, in 1995 with a Diploma numbered 112th. It means that I am the 112thmedical doctor in Italy with a certified formation in the field, and that only 111 others were certified before me, while many thousands ones after me....  

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, and I have been the witness of the “History” and evolution of  Aesthetic Antiaging Medicine since the early beginning, that makes me up to identify and to use only the best and certified and more healthy treatments and techniques for my patients.  


In Aestetic/Antiaging Medicine, as a doctor, I must face the far more difficult target of helping patients  in rebuilding patient's self-esteem.  Often, fortunately, wrinkle fillers and vitamin-injections and botox injections and PRP (platelet rich plasma) and jaluronic acid reach the expected goal with the important aid of the beginning of patient's new life-style, where he is taught to take care of himself to maximalize the effect of doctor's therapies.

Nowadays, modern therapies with PRP and fat transplant (which means transferring of mesenchimal adult STEM CELLS) are used on targets like face and breast and genitalia and more..., and are to be considered as a real spring of youthful water.


PLEASE, for better information on “Sur&Med procedures” see my brochure in English (at every  pages of the English version of this website, at “Download Brochure”) 


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